Future plan of NuTracking

Posted by on Jul 19, 2011

The following features are not included in the initial release of NuTracking. We are evaluating them for future updates of NuTracking library.
  • Support native languages, especially C / C++, Objective C and Java. Thus it would be able to be used in most games regardless the technology be chosen. However, Google Analytics has its own mobile SDK. It seems meaningless to reinvite the wheel if it works.
  • Tracking in complex networking environment (e.g. network with proxies)
  • Provide app running on iOS / Android to check analytics result with mobile devices.
  • Tracking more iOS / Android device information, like OS version, screen resolution, etc.
  • Specific events analyzer for most-used gameplay events, like victory & defeat, achievements, time spending and complete % for each level, etc.
  • Tracking the Jailbroken device and pirate ratio of your game (iOS only)
  • Create customized backend service to remove the dependency of Google Analytics. With that, users could keep the valuable data in own server for maximum accessibility and safety